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Frequently asked questions

Portable Instruments

Ultrameter II 4P, 6P
Conductivity, Resistivity, TDS, pH, ORP, & Temperature

Ultrameter III 9P
Conductivity, Resistivity, TDS, Alkalinity, Hardness, Saturation Index, ORP/Free Chlorine, pH, Temperature

New TechPro Series TP1, TPH1, TH1
(Conductivity/TDS, pH and Temperature) Combination meters

Conductivity, Mineral/Salt Concentration, TDS, pH, ORP, Temperature w/LSI calculator

Pool Meter
For controls of pools and spas

Digital Dialysate Meters:
Professional, comprehensive water and dialysate quality analysis for hemodialysis.

Dialysate Meters:
For checking dialysate solutions for artificial kidney machines in hospitals, clinics and homes.

DS and pDS Meters
EP10, EP-11/pH, 532T1

Conductivity or TDS & pH
Conductivity Meters (512M5)

RO Meters
Disolved solids

For Agriculture industries, fertilizer, soil, water and boiler water.

Ultrapen PT1 (EC)/TDS/Salinity Pen

Ultrapen PT2 pH and Temperature Pen


Standard Solution & Buffers


Conductivity/TDS & Resistivity

Automatically switches from
Exhaust to Fresh DI Bank

Rinse Tank Systems

Automatic Controller for Rinse Water

Conductivity Monitor / Controller
756II, 757II, 758II,759II

Ranges 34 ranges from 0-1 ppm/µS(µM) to
0-200 ppt/mS(mM).

Reverse Osmosis, Process Control
Sea Water Desalination,
Waste Treatment
Food Processing,
Power Plants, Laboratories,
Resistivity Monitor / Controllers
751II, 752II, 753II, 754II Series

Ranges Resistivity: 7 ranges from 0-200 K.
to 0-20 M.

Ultrapure (Deionization (DI) and Distillation)
Water Treatment Systems, Electronics,
Pharmaceuticals, Laboratories,
Food Processing, Plating,
Power Plants

pH / ORP
Monitor / Controllers
721II, 722II, 723II, 724II Series

726II, 727II, 728II, 729II Series

Range 0-14 pH or ± 2000 mV ORP

Reverse Osmosis, Process Control,
Seawater Desalination, Waste Treatment,
Food Processing, Plating, Power Plants,
Laboratories, Printing, Boilers,
Cooling Towers Potable Water,
Swimming pools & Spas,
Paper & Pulp, Bleach Manufacturing,
Reduction of Chromate, Waste, Environmental
Cooling Towers
Chemical Treatment Controller

Range Knob setting for 0-5000 microsiemen/cm or TDS

Cooling Towers, Chemical Treatment
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